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Welcome to Firn M!

We are a product development firm offering innovative products and services in microbiology. We engage in manufacturing medical and environmental outcomes from organic materials through the extraction and exploitation of living organisms.

Furthermore, we employ innovative methods and devices in our investigation of probiotics and microbes and their characterisation. Our research involves product trials and tests before seeking commercial licensing.

We are committed to transparency in all our research activities. We are also committed to unparallel excellence in all our activities. This is why we have become industry leaders. You can trust us to deliver on our promise of exceptional service.

Our Activities

Our activities cut across the following areas

Probiotic Tech

We offer a wide range of probiotic technology to combat the issues around us. One of the areas in which biotechnology has been applied is Food Waste Prevention. As a field of study in science, biotechnology also provides a solution to pest invasion and the agricultural sector’s resultant losses. Adequate management of waste is essential for building a sustainable environment. As such, we concern ourselves with waste management technology.

Smart farming using modern technologies in agriculture


Agtech is a short form for Agricultural Technology. Soil rich in nutrients is vital for plant growth and consequently increase food production. Balanced nutrition in plants enables them to fight against or resist diseases and increase agricultural yields. Agricultural Technology refers to a range of biodevices, whether traditional or modern, used to make changes to or alter products, improve the quality of life of both plants and animals or grow microorganisms for specific agricultural uses.

Food scientist using technology to analyse bread at the university

Food Technology

Food biotechnology is the use of organic formulated methods to achieve healthy living through food. It uses technology to modify various sources’ genetic makeup, which are animals, plants, and microorganisms. They transform edible plants and animals into species with great nutritional value together with marketing value. Genetic-based food changes or dynamics are formulated to change the size, quantity, or quality of plant or animal species.

Our Supporters


The environment refers to our physical surroundings and the existing things, whether it is a living organism or non-living organisms. Our environment must be safe and secured because of a lot of factors. This is because a safe environment ensures good healthy living and increases people’s productivity level working in such places. The domain must offer protection for its inhabitants. Biotechnology helps the environment fulfil the demands of nature and reduces certain practices, and eliminates harmful practices through a process known as Environmental Biotechnology.

Female hands holding spring sprout seed tree on blurred background. Environment concept


Biotherapeutics is the fastest rising part of the pharmaceuticals and possess that ability to mark individual molecules in the human body. It is also known as biotech drugs. This subject is the only one under biotechnology related to pharmaceuticals or medicine. It is the production of drugs from living organisms, and it is therapeutic because it seeks power from living cells to make or alter protein products to create therapies.

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