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Plant Growth

Promoting Plant Growth

The Malthusian Theory of Population’s central idea is that population outweighs food production. Hence, either population is controlled, or food production increases. In recent times, things have remained unchanged. Food production is declining while the population keeps rising and may reach a point where famine sets in. However, apart from population increase, many factors contribute to the scarcity of foods, and one is the decline in agricultural activities.

The agricultural sector is plagued with a lot of problems such as inadequate facilities and pests’ invasion. Most of these problems go to the root of food scarcity which is a hindrance to plant growth. Environmental factors such as water availability, light, temperature, quality, quantity nutrients, and humidity may be affected by plant growth. For instance, the plant may change colour or fails to produce flowers due to nutrient deficiency and stops growing not supplied enough water. Also, the lack of enough light may cause the stem to bend or become leggy.

Furthermore, plant growth problems are often noticed in the flower, fruits, and seeds produced from there, but the roots and stems are the most affected.

Farmers enhanced plant growth through various means but majorly chemical methods. For instance, fertilisers are used to promote plant growth which may be manure or inorganic.

A probiotic devised from technology that can help boost plant growth and lead to successful farming is called FERTSOL.

FERTSOL is a fully experimented fertiliser formulated to serve different and various purposes. It is suitable for multiple applications due to the properties (microbial) that have gone through trials and tests carried out by individuals and industry experts. The ingredients in the formulation are a combination of chemically and biologically compatible microbes in organic acid.

FERTSOL test results show improvement in vegetative growth, reduction in water consumption level provided through irrigation, and resistance against pests and diseases. They also help in the removal of carbon footprint while increasing the nutrients supplied in the soil.

There are different types of FERTSOL formulations that are

FERTSOL Foliar Spray

This product is formulated to strengthen the roots and supply them with nutrients to produce more leaves and flowers.

Farmers are spraying crops in a green field

FERTSOL Concentrate

FERTSOL Concentrate helps your plants to grow more on a low budget

FERTSOL Winter Blend

This fertiliser is formulated for the winter season. That is to support agricultural activities during the frost season.


This product fights diseases that may hinder plant growth.


FERTSOL plus is formulated for QLD fruit flies, and that makes it the first of its kind.

FERTSOL Germinator

It boosts the germination process and improves outcomes before sprouting.

The benefits of using these fertilisers are numerous. They include:

  • Reduction in the level of water consumption
  • The decline in the release of carbon
  • Development of pest resistance through plant induction

Our R&D team started a partnership with farmers and growers in 2020 across the country, offering customised fertiliser design and charge-free products suitable for all kinds of lands.

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