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Pest Control

Controlling Pest

There is a growing need to combat pests and curb their excesses. Pests are often harmful as a result of their dependency on other living organisms. They are detrimental to an environment’s overall well-being. For instance, they can transfer allergens and diseases between persons. Pests also destroy insects and majorly affect the source of food production- plants.

The impacts of pests’ activities on food plants are tremendous and often result in enormous losses from the agricultural sector every year. Pest invasion may lead to soil erosion, ecology imbalance, land degradation, and water quality decline. It is, therefore, reasonable that humans take actions to prevent recurrent losses. How pests are controlled is called Pest control.

Pest controls are observed by all employees or staff of an agricultural establishment. There are various means of combating pests hence multiple forms of pest controls. The methods may be biological, chemical, or mechanical.

As a field of study in science, biotechnology provides a solution to pest invasion and the agricultural sector’s resultant losses. One of the solutions offered is called Agriforte.


Agriforte is the first probiotic mechanism formulated to attack pests and protect crops, buildings, structures, warehouses, etc.

This method has been confirmed as very effective, safe, value-adding, and creative by various independent field trials and laboratory tests in Australia. The organic action formulated works against developing pests, e.g., larvae and adults. The larvicide properties reveal that at heavy pressure (25°C), fifty to seventy-five flies can be affected if Agriforte is sprayed.

The features and advantages of Agriforte include:

Human hands with wheat ears. Crop protection and care concept

It Is User Friendly

This feature exists because the probiotic is safe and non-toxic. Also, the process is not complicated; that is, you only have to dissolve in water.

It Is Harmless

It does not contain harmful chemicals and creates a safe space for plants, animals, and other living organisms.

It Is Compatible with the Organic Method of Agriculture

It is not formulated to serve any form of agriculture. Thus, it is compatible with an organic and standard form of agriculture.

It Is A Safe On-Farm Produce

As a probiotic, it is usually applied through spraying but does not require washing before harvesting or packaging.

Easy Method Application

It is better sprayed on infested plants or commodities. However, where the pest is still in larva form and not fully grown, it is destroyed through fertigation.

It Combats Fruit Flies

It also serves as a repellent and controls their reproduction. The product targets the killing of the insects and thus reduces their chance of population increase. Our field trial results which involve over one hundred and fifty participants reveal that Agriforte offers over 90% crop protection. Also, it shows the three primary mechanisms that are involved in the complete process, and they are camouflage, persistence, and soil application. The camouflage causes female disorientation, while the persistence helps kill pests through gut imbalance. Likewise, soil application causes larvae paralysis and delay in pupation. During the trials, we notice that when organic products are exposed within at least three hours, the result is a defect in mobility, pupation but an increase in susceptibility to death.

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