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The Environment

The environment refers to our physical surroundings and the existing things, whether it is a living organism or non-living organisms. Our environment must be safe and secured because of a lot of factors. This is because a safe environment ensures good healthy living and increases people’s productivity level working in such places. The domain must offer protection for its inhabitants.

Also, there has been a clamour for introducing green technology products in every firm and organisation in recent years due to the unstable change in climate conditions and the depletion of the ozone layer by the emission of greenhouse gases.

Biotechnology helps the environment fulfil the demands of nature and reduces certain practices, and eliminates harmful practices. This process is better known as Environmental Biotechnology. It is a system of applying science and engineering to living organisms to solve environmental issues. Apart from climate change, pollution is another increasing menace in society.

Environmental biotechnology involves biotreatment of wastes (whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form), bioremediation of polluted surroundings and biomonitoring in societies alongside treatments. This process offers a range of benefits which include

  • Organic detoxication of a wide range of harmful substances
  • Different ways of destroying hazardous wastes
  • Addressing the diverse conditions for biodegradation

Our probiotic formulated for the management of waste is BSI. BSI refers to inoculants that utilise a powerful microbial solution to transform humans and animals through combusting machines. Usually, inoculants are substances used to increase a body’s defence or immunity against an attack (either viral or bacterial diseases). They are majorly organic and increase the level of nutrients in the soil.

Other inoculants are existing with BSI, but we have had problems with them over the years, which include contamination problem; risk of contracting respiratory problems and allergies; risk of cancers; absence of working transparency; violation of organic certification and the fact that most are expensive to maintain

In Australia, we source power from the best waste management company that assists governmental bodies and agencies, restaurants, companies in managing their wastes.

Furthermore, one of the best forms of waste management under biotechnology is waste recycling. It involves the recycling of waste to avoid environmental degradation and pollution in return for improved agricultural activities.

The process consists of high temperature to convert organic waste to humus (soil nutrients) and destruction of pest eggs, larvae and adults. There are two processes of recycling, and the less effective is the traditional process used locally. For instance, recycling can take about three months to finish and kill bacterial pathogens in homes and farms.

On the other hand, a new recycling method that is considered more effective is devised by an Australian Company. This new waste recycling method breaks down organic waste in only a day with about eighty per cent conversion level. However, continuous research is ongoing to optimise to a hundred per cent. Our research-level reveals the possibility of our targeted goal, and the product would soon undergo trials among professionals for sustainable results.

Crop Sprayers in Action
Illuminated industrial greenhouse crop

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